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Domain Mapping

Allow me to reiterate one more time that as of May, 2001, the Capibara Free Domain Project is not 100% reliable. If you have problems with it, try MyDomain.com. If you have experience with MyDomain.com, or you know of another service that provides free mapping please let me know.

Mapping your domain is the last step in putting together a cheap domain, and it is simply a matter of making sure that your site can be found at the IP address that you specified when you set up your name server. The Capibara Free Domain Project provides what essentially amounts to invisible redirection, allowing you to use their IP address to map a domain anywhere on the Internet

If you know a little about HTML, it's easy to understand how the Capibara service works: the only thing related to your site that actually exists on their server is a very simple frameset page; your real main page is simply the 1st content page projected into the frameset page. If you don't know any HTML, suffice to say that Capibara creates the illusion of your page existing on their server, at their IP address, without you having to move it from it's real hosted location.

Using the Capibara Free Domain Project is very simple. The only information that you have to provide is your e-mail address, your domain name, and the real URL of the page that you want people to see when they arrive at your domain. Capibara will take care of the rest, placing the page that you specify in the frameset page.

Capibara will actually visit your site before they map it, in order to ensure that it meets their standards (no pornographic material, no illegal content, etc.); in the meantime, your domain will continue to be pointed at Capibara's This domain has not yet been mapped . . . page. Within a day or 2, however, you should have the very pleasurable experience of entering the URL of your domain into the address bar of your browser and being taken directly to the main page of you site.

If your site receives fewer than 30 hits per day, Capibara will not modify your pages in any way. Beginning at 30 hits per day, a certain percentage of users will see an advertising banner (10% of users for the 31st to 100th hits, 20% up to the 200th hit, etc.). The details are available at Capibara's site. They also provide an explanation of their use of banners.

Within a couple of weeks of mapping your domain, you should receive an e-mail from Capibara containing a password that will allow you to modify to your mapped page (things like the target page, page title, keywords, and background colour for banners). Even without this password you can modify your domain simply by re-mapping it.

That's it. That's all there is to it. You've registered your domain, set up your name server, set up your hosting, and mapped your domain, and you should now have an active domain which cost you less than US$40.

Of course, there are certain sacrifices that have to be made in order to run a domain this cheaply; you should be aware of some of the limitations involved.

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