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Friday February 18th, 2000 to Sunday February 20th, 2000
Sunset over the Andaman Sea, Phuket, Thailand

When my parents came to visit we decided that we had to take them to Phuket, where the beaches are said to be among the most beautiful in the world; they really are impressive so long as you can ignore the numerous large, old, German women wearing nothing but thongs who flock there to turn from fish belly white to a lovely fire-engine red in a matter of hours. Once mom saw the freedom these women felt, it was all that we could do to get her keep her top on. Ok, so that's no true. It was actually pretty funny to see mom in her modest bathing suit (including skirt) heading down to the water among the thonged women. I can't imagine growing up seeing my dear mother's breasties, in public, on a regular basis. Great family beach photos I would imagine. I am sure my reaction is a result of having grown up in Canada where topless beaches have not existed until just recently. However, my solicitude is not entirely unwarranted, as the Thailand guide books seem to state over and over again that topless sunbathing is inappropriate in Thailand, and is offensive to Thai people.

All that aside, it was a great 2 days just lying on beach chairs and eating some great Thai food in the evenings. Dad and I did some snorkelling while Noah nursed an extremely bad sunburn and mom read. My grandmother had sent some money along with my parents so that we could do something special, and the obvious choice was food. We went to the Kata Hill Restaurant, owned by a local antique dealer. It's an open air restaurant set up on a hill and decorated with a wide variety of Asian antiques: a beautiful setting, and some of the best Thai food I have ever had.

After 2 days of spoiling ourselves, we took the 14hr bus ride back to Bangkok with a few days to rest up from our tiring days lying on the beach before my parents headed home.

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