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Thursday February 25th, 1999 to Tuesday March 9th, 1999

Our time in Madrid was, unfortunately, essentially wasted. We arrived in the early morning and, after hanging around the coach station for a while, checked in to a small pensione near the Plaza Santa Ana. We were both fairly desperately ill by this point, Hannah with a serious stomach ailment and myself with some kind of flu; as a result, we didn't do a whole lot in the ensuing days. We briefly visited the Prado, Madrid's largest museum and home to one of the world's finest collections, but we were forced to leave after less than an hour without having seen very much.

After a few days Hannah left to return to Thailand. We had decided that I, being essentially broke at this point, would follow her shortly thereafter. The earliest ticket I could get to Bangkok was 10 days later, which should have given me a chance to have a thorough look around Madrid, but I was still sick enough at this point that I did essentially nothing but sleep and (occasionally) eat until the day of my departure; I spent upwards of 22hrs/day in bed, leaving the pensione(?) only to get a bit of food and a newspaper each day. On the day I was to leave I discovered that the travel agent who had sold me my ticket had failed to actually book me a seat on either of the 2 planes I would be taking; fortunately the Air France folks at the airport in Madrid were able to rectify this situation, and I flew to Paris and then on to Bangkok.

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