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The following is a brief outline of my approach visual arts education. If this happens to pique your interest, please take the time to look at my porfolio and my curriculum vitae (aka resumé); the portfolio you can access immediately, but you'll need a password to see the c.v.. I'll be happy to provide you with a password if you simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Whether or not you wish to see my c.v., please feel free to use the form to contact me.

High school visual arts is my 1st teaching subject, and my strengths and passion for teaching lie primarily in this area. My major in university was art history, and I also completed a minor in visual arts. My strong art history background, along with my multiple and varied teaching experiences at the high school level, allow me to offer a full and comprehensive art program.

In Reverse

While it is necessary to provide students with an opportunity to express themselves through visual art, I believe that it is important to provide the framework of an objective-driven art program, partly in order to ensure the credibility of visual arts within a school setting. Many times an art program is devalued by a reduction of its components to nothing more than a feel-good experience. Having taught in both the private and public school sectors, as well as having worked as a professional artist, I have developed the skills, experience, and insight that enable me to develop a comprehensive art program that provides freedom of expression and creativity, while ensuring that the technical and historical fundamentals of art are explored and realized. Furthermore, I have a strong commitment to the furthering of visual arts as an integral aspect of a school community rather than confining it to a purely classroom experience.

I have a keen interest in incorporating new and developing technologies into an art curriculum. My experience in the areas of computer-based graphic design enable me to provide a living art program that keeps abreast of new technology and artistic developments while maintaining traditional learning opportunities.

Please take a moment to look at my portfolio, which will provide examples of how I have implemented the above philosophy during my teaching career. My c.v. is also available on-line, as are a few letters of reference. My portfolio is not protected by password, and hence you can have a look at it right now if you'd like (please do). Access to my c.v. and the letters of reference is restricted to those having a password. If would like to be able to access it, please complete and submit the form below, checking the appropriate box.




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